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NBA Free Agency: What Do The Wizards Need?

We've talked a bit about the upcoming NBA free agency period, which is sure to move quickly.  We've discussed how there will be a Nick Young resolution soon and how using the Amnesty clause on Rashard Lewis seems unlikely to happen.  (As an aside to that: Howard Beck of the New York Times quotes a league executive who says he doesn't think many teams will use the clause right away, with one reason being the minimum salary thing we discussed over the weekend).

But even if Young is re-signed and Lewis is retained, the Wizards may have some cap room to use.  As we noted earlier, the Wizards currently have about $16 million in cap space once you take away qualifying offers. A good chunk of that will probably go to Young if the Wizards choose to keep him, but that's still a decent amount left over to spend on others.

But before we figure out who the Wizards may try to sign, we have to look at what the Wizards need.  Here's the depth chart as it stands right now:

PG: John Wall, Shelvin Mack.

SG: Jordan Crawford.

SF: Rashard Lewis, Jan Vesely, Chris Singleton.

PF: Andray Blatche, Trevor Booker.

C: JaVale McGee, Kevin Seraphin

There's a general dearth of NBA-level experience in that group, with only Lewis and Blatche as guys on their second contract.  The Wizards are already reportedly looking for a veteran backup to Wall, and I would think a veteran big man or two, or at least someone with NBA-level experience, is worth pursuing for the right price (I'm on the Chuck Hayes bandwagon).  Another wing player may be useful as well even if Young returns (I like Reggie Williams if he can get out of his buyout).  Either way, I definitely think the Wizards could and should look to sign someone for a good price to help provide depth, experience and NBA-level ability with the little cap space they have.

Which names stick out to you all?