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Washington Wizards in Hunt For Veteran PG

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In Mike Lee's piece on the end of the lockout, there is a brief mention that besides re-signing Nick Young, the Wizards priority this offseason will be to obtain a veteran PG to play the role of John Wall's caddy. Now, it goes without saying that any player who signs with Washington will expect to receive extremely limited minutes at the PG position and will be signing on to provide Wall six minutes of rest a night and have someone to scrimmage against. Of course, there is also the possibility that the Wizards sign someone who is a combo guard and can split time between PG and SG. With Crawford, (maybe) Jeffers and (maybe) Young at the SG position, this too seems highly unlikely. But lets take a look at the possible candidates. First a list of the FA's available this year and then a list of likely amnesty candidates"

Free Agents

Carlos Arroyo

Delonte West

JJ Barea

T.J Ford

Shannon Brown

Mike Bibby

Earl Boykins

Sebastian Telfair

Marcus Banks

Antonio Daniels

Aaron Brooks (restricted)

Pooh Jeter

Marcus Thornton (restricted)

Earl Watson

Chris Quinn

Not exactly a murderer's row there. Marcus Thornton and Aaron Brooks are obviously non-starters as they play large roles on their respective teams. I think we can safely remove the veterans who have too much tread on their tires such as AD or Arroyo. I also think that we can remove guys that break the offense as Flip Saunders will most likely want to pursue someone who can run his sets. So I think Banks, Telfair and our old friend Earl Boykins are also unlikely to be coming to DC. Out of this group, the most likely guys are Pooh Jeter and Chris Quinn, neither of whom bring much to the table, but also don't take much away.

Possible Amnesty Candidates

Glibert Arenas

Jose Calderon

Francisco Garcia

Brandon Roy

Nate Robinson

Luke Ridnour

Beno Udrih

Eddie House

Steve Blake

Randy Foye

So the idea of Glibert Arenas returning to Washington....ok I'll stop. Taking a look at the above list, we see a lot of hefty contracts and guys who will expect minutes. The exception is Eddie House, who wouldn't come to Washington because he wants to chase rings on contenders. If Nick Young doesn't return to the Wizards, a player like Francisco Garcia would be interesting but might set the rebuild back if not acquired at the right price.

Honestly, I think the Wizards should save their powder this year and pick up the cheap option such as Chris Quinn of Pooh Jeter and give Wall all the time he wants at the position. If Steve Blake wants to come back to DC on the cheap, I'm not going to say no, but neither would I be pleased at seeing him get 15 a night either.

What do you guys think?