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Links: NBA Lockout? It's (Tentatively) All Over, Over There!

I'm not crying. It's just been raining...on my face.
I'm not crying. It's just been raining...on my face.

Which is really too bad, as we were planning a wonderful series on the pros and cons of a vegan diet for pro athletes. I suppose you'll just have to suffer as we get back on track to our regularly scheduled programming. Anyone else feel like they just drank a gallon of espresso? Hotbox!

  • Ken Berger of CBS Sports was first out of the gate with the news. Revel! [Ken Berger]
    "We expect our labor relations committee to endorse this deal, this tentative agreement, and we expect our Board of Governors, at a meeting we will call after that, to endorse the deal," commissioner David Stern said Saturday at a 3:40 a.m. ET news conference that followed a 15-hour negotiating session at a Manhattan law firm. "And we expect that a collective bargaining agreement will arise out of this deal as well."
  • Stern: "We’ve reached a tentative understanding that is subject to a variety of approvals and very complex machinations." Also, Adam Silver takes picture with fan, has one. [Howard Beck]
  • Henry Abbott's Winners and Losers [True Hoop]
  • Came this close! [Tom Ziller]
    Reports had indicated that without a deal by the end of the weekend, Stern may have opted to cancel the entire season rather than repeat 1999, when a 50-game season began in February.
  • Stern: "We're very pleased we've come this far," Stern said. "There's still a lot of work to be done." [TIME]
  • 'Stern, after more than 27 years as the league’s commissioner, hoped to close a deal much sooner but was committed for fighting for the owners’ wishes even at the risk of damaging his legacy.' Hero! [Washington Post]
  • Mr. Michael Lee will not be denied! His take on where we stand. [Michael Lee]
  • More as events warrant.