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What The Bullets Forever Community Is Grateful For

The basketball gods have been gentler with the Wizards over these past few years. A combination of Thanksgiving, well-earned food comas and a lockout-induced scarcity of topics means we'll be rattling off some of the things we're grateful for. Think a little outside the box. We're all grateful for John Wall, but are we grateful enough for him crashing the Kentucky Derby in this suit?


Mike loves Von Wafer .gifs, Sean loves hearing the Inception sound effect when Andray starts shooting 18 foot contested jump shots et cetera. Comment about the things both Wizards and NBA-related that you uniquely enjoy, mine after the jump.

  • Can I really be grateful enough for video of Javale McGee and Nick Young eating cinnamon? Since I'm the guy who chugs a bottle of maple syrup if anyone happens to suggest No, I can't.
  • I'm grateful for Lap Dance Tuesday because nothing breaks up my day like facepalming.
  • I'm grateful for D-league call-ups, because there's no better way to find out who the real fans are than to find out if they know their 12th man.
  • I'm grateful for Lebron James being uber talented, uber entitled and mentally weak. Whenever I teach something physical (sports, martial arts, etc.), I'm all about bringing out heart and LBJ is the living example of why you need heart to be the best.
  • I'm grateful for Fagan rec'ing (credit to imperialme). Nothing tells me I'm home in the game threads like commenting 'rec'd' without actually rec'ing the original comment and having Sean threaten me with the banhammer.
  • Most of all, thanks to all of you readers and poster who make this site what it is. Happy Thanksgiving, and cheers! What are you grateful for?