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Jan Vesely: 'The Lockout Pisses Me Off'

Jan Vesely gave a press conference back in his native Czech Republic on Tuesday to discuss the NBA lockout, his future and much more.  Czech journalist Lukas Kuba was in attendance and tweets that Vesely said some strong things about how the lockout is affecting him.



Here's the article that Kuba was citing.  I ran it through Google Translate, and I didn't see any "pissed off" comment.  There was one line where he said he was "annoyed."  Here's the translation.

"As a phlegmatic [sic.] I felt it did not take long, but now it annoys me. The waiting game since June and it is a great bore," Vesely said at today's meeting with journalists. "It's always said that the play begins in November, but now it looks bad. When last week did not agree, we started looking for something with managers in Europe. I guess next week will decide," he added.

He also said this.

"Almost every day I received information that I agree, and they still nothing. If I knew, so I get engagements in Europe before and I would expect. It bothers me that much," he admitted.


"The conditions which are referred to them, they are unfair. But it's not so much about money as rather about power, "says Vesely. "I'm sure everyone would like to begin to play, but players are not fighting only for this season, but the next ten years,"

Vesely's in an odd place like many other players, but with the Paritzan connection already, I'm not sure why he waited until now to get another gig overseas.  He didn't reveal what his plans were, but I hope he is able to get something hooked up.  Otherwise, he'll be wondering why he waited so long.