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NBA Lockout Content: Open Threads, Fake Recaps And More

Tonight is supposed to be the night when the Washington Wizards would kick off their 2011 season with a home game against Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and the New Jersey Nets.  It was a good opener for a young team against a club that also was pretty bad last year. 

Of course, that came, along with many others, won't be happening because of this stupid thing called the NBA lockout.  In light of this, I imagine you all might be wondering what's happening with the blog this year.  Obviously, we're still going to be active, with lockout updates and other analysis pieces as we go along, but the biggest features of this site have always been the game threads and recaps. 

Will those be going away?  I'm here to tell you they won't.  While there are no actual play, we'll still have these features in some capacity.  Here's what's going to happen.

  • Each night there is a game, we'll be posting a "fake" game thread.  Below the jump, we'll remember a classic game between the two teams, but otherwise, pretty much anything goes in the thread.  Talk about whatever and whenever.
  • The next morning, we'll have a regular feature where we'll note five key "fake" storylines that could have developed in the game last night.  The plan is for a combination of me, Jake, Sean, Rook and BNIE to handle these, but if anyone is interested in helping out, drop me a line (mikeprada AT sbnation DOT com).

Bottom line: the loss of games isn't going to stop up from being as business as usual as possible.  Take that, owners and players!