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Wizards Vs. Nuggets: Fake Open Game Thread For Game 9 Of Locked-Out NBA Season

On November 19, 2011, the Washington Wizards were supposed to play the ninth game of their season against Ty Lawson and the Denver Nuggets. As a Wizards fan, you were supposed to be on here discussing the game in this open thread. Unfortunately, billionaires have decided to lock out millionaires, and millionaires are not willing to accept all the concessions the billionaires are asking them to accept.

So instead, this game thread is merely an open thread to discuss whatever the heck you all want. Below the jump, a look at a classic Wizards-Nuggets game from yesteryear.

1992/93 NBA Regular Season
15-33 20-28
February 13, 1993
McNichols Sports Arena
9:00 PM
Michael Adams PG Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
Buck Johnson SG Reggie Williams
Tom Gugliotta SF Marcus Liberty
Harvey Grant PF LaPhonso Ellis
Pervis Ellison C Dikembe Mutumbo

In a defense optional outing from the Bullets, no less than nine members of the Nuggets shot 50% or higher as Washington fell 104-123:

  • You think Shaun Livingston was a fan favorite? This was the year we reacquired Michael Adams via trade, hoping for the spark plug that would launch us into the playoffs before Bernard King's window closed (high draft picks in a win-now move, hmmm). It was a rocky road to stick in the NBA for the Hartford Public alum, SI's Leigh Montville had a nice biographical piece. [Sports Illustrated]
  • The Wizards had traded the #8 pick in the '91 draft (Mark Macon) to Denver for Adams and the #19 (LaBradford Smith). A homecoming grudge match never quite materialized, however, as none of the players involved impacted the outcome.
  • Honestly, what can you do when you're outshot 57%-43%?
  • What surer sign of the times when only six three pointers are attempted and they're all misses? And no less than two of those shots were jacked up by LaPhonso Ellis?
  • Bullets reserve Larry Stewart exploded for 20 points and 8 rebounds in just 25 minutes on 8-8 shooting, which should tell you just how bad the rest of the team was that night.