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Wizards Vs. Warriors: Fake Open Game Thread For Game 8 Of Locked-Out NBA Season

On November 15, 2011, the Washington Wizards were supposed to play the seventh game of their season against Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. As a Wizards fan, you were supposed to be on here discussing the game in this open thread. Unfortunately, billionaires have decided to lock out millionaires, and millionaires are not willing to accept all the concessions the billionaires are asking them to accept. 

So instead, this game thread is merely an open thread to discuss whatever the heck you all want.  Below the jump, a look at a classic Wizards-Warriors game from yesteryear.

1986/87 NBA Regular Season
10-12 14-9
December 18, 1986
At Oakland Arena
10:30 PM
Probable starters:
Ennis Whatley PG Sleepy Floyd
Jeff Malone SG Chris Mullin
Terry Catledge SF Larry Smith
Charles Jones PF Ben McDonald
Moses Malone C Joe Barry Carroll


Moses Malone would go off for 37 & 12 as the Bullets defeated the Warriors 128-110. Here are some random notes and oddities from the game:

  • There were two Number 1 overall picks in this game. One was Moses Malone. Can you figure out the other? It's OK if it takes you a second or two to figure the other one out.
  • Manute Bol played seven minutes and somehow managed to register an offensive rating of 0 in a game where the team as a whole registered an offensive rating of 134.
  • Anthony Jones (who only played one minute in the game) was taken one pick ahead of Scott Skiles in the 1986 NBA Draft. Jones would be waived less than a week after this game. Jones normally doesn't get discussed as one the Bullets biggest draft flops, but if they could have redone this pick, perhaps Skiles could have helped those late 80's teams be more than just first round fodder for the Pistons.
  • The Warriors were coached by George Karl, who led the Warriors to the Western Conference semifinals that season. They beat the Jazz, coached by Frank Layden (a.k.a. the Pre-Jerry Sloan era) in the first round that year. 
  • Chris Washburn (the third overall pick in the 1986 draft) had 4 points in the game, nearly a full point more than his career average.
  • The Warriors only had one block in this game, and it came from 6-7 Rod Higgins.