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Wizards Vs. Lakers (Fake) Recap: Five Things We Should Be Talking About

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In a parallel universe somewhere, the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Wizards in an entertaining game.  In our universe, this game never happened because of the NBA lockout.  The parallel universe sounds more fun, so let's discuss five topics from this game based on that.

NOTE: Feel free to use this space to talk about yesterday's college action too.

  • That was easily John Wall's best game of the season: Granted, this was entirely predictable against the horrendous point-guard defense of the Lakers, but you could argue that Wall was the best player on the floor last night.  His pick-and-roll play was fantastic, and I mean technically in the way he was rubbing off the screener and shooting the jump shot with confidence.  In transition, he was unstoppable.  It's just unfortunate only one other player showed up.
  • That player? Nick Young, of course: This is what happens when he plays in Los Angeles.  He pours in points, shoots often and goes at Kobe Bryant.  To his credit, after the game, he said all the right things about how he was more upset the team lost than happy with his own performance.  I guess he had the Orlando incident in his head.
  • Andray Blatche vs. Pau Gasol: Ugh.
  • Should Flip Saunders have gone small? Not sure I especially like closing with Trevor Booker and Blatche up front.  Obviously, this wasn't JaVale McGee's best game, but he was doing far better than Blatche was.  Why close with Blatche over JaVale there?  Maybe it doesn't make a difference in the outcome, but I still wasn't wild about that call.
  • It's OK, Jan Vesely: Kobe makes a lot of people look bad.