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Report: Ted Leonsis Not Among 10 Owners Who Wrote Letter Opposing 50/50 Split

So, this is interesting. The Indianapolis Business Journal, a somewhat random source, is reporting that 10 NBA owners drafted a letter to the league's labor relations board saying that they strongly oppose David Stern's 50/50 proposal that was rejected by the players on Monday. For our purposes, the most notable element of the report is that Ted Leonsis and the Washington Wizards were not one of the 10 teams named.

According to sources within the NBA, the league’s labor relations board received a letter from 10 owners strongly opposed to the final offer Stern put on the table offering a 50-50 split.

Owners for Indiana, Atlanta, Charlotte, Denver, Memphis, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Portland and Sacramento said in the letter that they feel that a 50-50 revenue split represents a bad deal for the owners.

Leonsis and the Wizards have been described elsewhere as being in the hard-line group, so if true, this is an interesting tidbit. I, for one, find it nice to consider that Leonsis may not be as much of a hard-liner as previous reports may have indicated.

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