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Wizards Vs. Lakers: Fake Open Game Thread For Game 6 Of Locked-Out NBA Season

Before we begin with this, a couple thoughts:

  • My thoughts on the events of yesterday mostly mirror the ones put more eloquently put forth by Andrew Sharp and our own BNIE earlier.  It remains to be seen if disclaiming interest is the right move for the players, and you could very well argue that it should have been done sooner, but I certainly understand why they're doing it.  
  • I apologize for missing the Bulls game on Sunday.  Nevertheless, let's continue with this series.

On November 15, 2011, the Washington Wizards were supposed to play the fourth game of their season against Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. As a Wizards fan, you were supposed to be on here discussing the game in this open thread. Unfortunately, billionaires have decided to lock out millionaires, and millionaires are not willing to accept all the concessions the billionaires are asking them to accept. 

So instead, this game thread is merely an open thread to discuss whatever the heck you all want.  Below the jump, a look at a classic Wizards-Lakers game from yesteryear.

1996/97 NBA Regular Season

Washington Wizards main logo
Los Angeles Lakers main logo
6-13 14-6
December 7, 2010
At LA Lakers
10:30 PM
Probable starters:
John Wall
PG NBPA President
Gilbert Arenas
SG Bean
Al Thornton
SF World Peace
Yi Jianlian Kung-Pau
JaVale McGee
C Bynum

Fun game, this was.  Let's relive it with the following highlights.