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NBA Lockout: NBPA Rejects Offer, Announces Intention To Challenge Lockout In Court

UPDATE: Clarification made on decertification.

And so it continues.  After a four-hour meeting, the NBPA announced it rejected the league's latest offer and will file for a disclaimer of interest, which is essentially decertification without having to petition for votes.  That means the NBA lockout will almost certainly be continuing for a while, and it also means the entire season is very much in jeopardy.

"We're prepared to file this anti-trust action against the NBA. We think that's the best situation for the players to achieve and get their due process," NBPA Executive Director Billy Hunter said.

Both Hunter and Derek Fisher said the players had simply given too much back to accept the latest NBA proposal.  Fisher added that the decision to file for decertification was unanimous.  Therefore, there's a pretty good chance we may not see the NBA for quite a while.

I'm still trying to digest what decertification might end up doing for this whole process and whether the NBA can win in court.  In the meantime, this is a sad, sad day for the NBA.  After a year where so much momentum was gained, the league risks losing all of that with a prolonged labor stoppage.

UPDATE: Stern goes on SportsCenter and spits fire.  Predictable and infuriating.