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Links: Nick Young And JaVale McGee Rap, State Of Wizards Fandom And More


A bunch of links for you as we prepare for what should have been the first night of the NBA regular season.

  • The above photo is a screenshot of easily the most entertaining Nick & JaVale Show yet.  This episode features Nick Young and JaVale McGee rapping at a Benihana restaurant.  McGee looks absolutely ridiculous in that shirt, and he also makes a funny, if mean, joke with a fellow customer when he asks him to rap about the NBA lockout.  On the one hand, the McGee joke is hilarious.  On the other hand, the fellow customer certainly isn't laughing. Video below the jump. [SB Nation D.C.]

  • Speaking of McGee, you may remember noise about his desire to play for the Philippine national team. If it happens, he wouldn't be the first American to play for them. [Deadspin]
  • The Washington Post has a long article out on the state of Wizards fandom and how losing has caused people to go away.  NEWSFLASH!  In all seriousness, while I admire the effort in exploring all sides of the issue, the story really is simple.  When your team hasn't had a 50-win season since Jimmy Carter was president and your marketing guru used to advertise coming to see the road team during home games, you're going to lose a lot of fans. [Washington Post]
  • A Q&A with Wale about Wizards fandom, which is entertaining. [Wizards Insider]
  • A Q&A with Wolf Blitzer about Wizards fandom, which includes him saying he pushed Michael Jordan to come back.  Dammit, Wolf!  All your fault!  [Wizards Insider, SB Nation, SB Nation D.C.]
  • Someone stole JaVale's dogs, which is very, very mean. [@JaValeMcGee34]
  • I think I'm going to enjoy this Twitter account. [@fakewizseason]
  • Finally, as Joe Glorioso of Wizards Extreme points out, the new Nike "Basketball Never Stops" ad features a number of shots of Kevin Durant at Barry Farms. The court has obviously been altered, but that's pretty cool. Here are those shots. [D.C. Sports Bog]