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ESPN ranks John Wall as the 40th best player in the NBA


ESPN has been ranking every NBA player, from 500 to 1, and I've been watching every day to see when John Wall would show up... ESPN asked 91 "experts" to rate each player on a 0 to 10 scale (obviously with 10 being the highest). They were asked to rank the players based on "the current quality of each player".

I was pleasantly surprised when 46-50 came and went and John was not there... and then 41-45 --- meaning John was in the top 40... 

Well today John Wall showed up in the ranking as number 40. I was surprised at his high ranking, especially since he ranked higher than some All-Star quality players like Gerald Wallace (#48) and Carlos Boozer (#50). I thought John had a good season, and he's got a tremendous future - but if you're ranking just on "current" quality, I think he was ranked slightly high.


What do you think?