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SLAM: John Wall Is 25th Best Player In NBA

SLAM has been doing their Top 50 player rankings longer than any of us other poseurs, so I guess it's worth pointing out where they have John WallWall is apparently No. 25 on this year's list.  Abe Schwadron has the write-up:

The sky’s the limit for Wall. It’s not rocket science: the kid has incredible god-given talent and an equally intense will to win.

An All-Star bid and a bump in scoring in year two should be well within his reach, and don’t be surprised to see him take a run at the assist title, too. If he can sustain his improved jumper from summer runs, which looks more confident and more fluid, he’ll be a serious problem for opposing point guards on a nightly basis.

Obviously, this is what we are expecting from Wall once the season itself actually begins.  Twenty-five is an interesting spot for the guy.  It's right in between where he would be if he was simply as good as he was last year (probably in the 50 range) and where we hope he would be based on the athleticism he's showing this summer (top 15, maybe even higher).  In that sense, I guess it's just about right.