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NBA Lockout Update: We've Been Fooled Again, It Appears

UPDATE: Sounds like we're getting cancellations.

Once again, it looks like optimism in NBA lockout talks has died.  The discussion turned to Basketball-Related Income on Friday, and just like that, the two sides got nowhere.  According to reports, the players wouldn't budge off 52 percent, and the owners wouldn't budge off 50 percent.  Therefore, they stopped talking, and according to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, more cancellations are coming.

League source said talks broke when players wouldn't accept less than 52% of BRI. No talks scheduled. More cancellations today.

It sounds like there may have been more issues too, as Adrian Wojnarowski reports the two sides also couldn't agree on the final pieces of the system.  Chris Paul, who attended the meeting, confirmed the news that talks have stopped and said he "hopes" the two sides meet again, but it doesn't sound good.  Both sides are about to speak, but I'm heading out the door, so here's your open thread for that.

A part of me feels like they've gotten too far to stop now, and they just need to cool off because the BRI issue is very serious.  I hope that part of me is right.  Time will tell.