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NBA Lockout Update: Hope On Horizon As David Stern, Billy Hunter Express Optimism

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Thursday's NBA lockout bargaining session was half as long as Wednesday's marathon session, but that's not bad news.  In fact, judging from the reaction of David Stern and Billy Hunter, it was actually really good news.  Both men expressed optimism that a deal was on the horizon, even though the Basketball-Related Income split was not discussed.

Here's what Hunter said:

Hunter: "I think we're within striking distance of getting a deal."

And here's what Stern said:

Stern: asked if he has a real and concrete idea of what a new CBA will look like: "yes."

It's still not clear exactly what the two sides discussed in the room, but we'll find that out soon.  For now, there's optimism, including Stern poking fun at Hunter after his press conference ended.  Stern said they're going to try to get a deal done tomorrow, adding that it would be a failure if a deal wasn't done in the next few days.  Lots of happy talk, to be sure.

We've been fooled before, but if they're being serious, maybe basketball is close to happening again.