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NBA Will Announce Two More Weeks Of Cancellations Today, According To Report (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Whoops, guess not. Also, the two sides are meeting Wednesday, without a 50/50 BRI precondition.

In a move that's hardly a surprise, the NBA is expected to cancel two more weeks of the regular season, according to a report by Frank Isola and Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News. That would mean a total of 102 more games would go, with those games happening up until November 28. An announcement is expected later today, according to the report.

For the Wizards, that would mean the cancellation of eight more games. They are as follows:

  • November 15: at Los Angeles Lakers
  • November 16: at Sacramento Kings
  • November 18: at Golden State
  • November 19: at Denver
  • November 22: vs. Boston
  • November 25: at Detroit
  • November 26: vs. Minnesota
  • November 28: at New York

Of course, if the NBA resumes right after that, they'll probably do so on a new schedule, so these games are moot.

Meanwhile, according to Sports Business Journal, the lockout has already cost nearly 400 jobs across the league. That's about 200 at NBA HQ and 200 across the NBA's 30 teams. Earlier in the week, one Portland Trail Blazers usher was tired of a gag order and unleashed a heavy critique of both sides in this blog post. Just another way the lockout is affecting teams and people.