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Links: JaVale McGee In Philippines, John Wall In Dunk Contest?

Apologies for the delay on these today - been a long day and there's not a ton going on in Wizards-land.  Here are some links for you.

  • I'm mesmerized by this video of JaVale McGee hanging out in the Philippines.  It's full of typical JaVale awkward moments, so it's awesome. [YouTube]
  • Speaking of JaVale, his mom defended his "ready to fold" comment. [Capital Games]
  • Also speaking of JaVale: he's invented a new pose. Move over, planking. Time for Flying Buddha-ing! [TBJ]
  • More details on Trevor Booker's injury from Israel. His agent says he expects Booker to return and doesn't think the injury is that serious. [Michael Lee]
  • John Wall says he wants to try the dunk contest sometime.  Wonder how Nick Young feels? [SB Nation D.C.]
  • Also, Wall is on the cover of Dime Magazine's "Breakout" issue this week. "Breakout" has become the buzz word surrounding Wall this year, replacing "game-changer."  If only there was a season... [FanShot]
  • Wall, Young Andray Blatche are playing in Josh Howard's charity game in Dallas on November 12, along with fellow pros Jason Terry, LaMarcus Aldridge and several others.  Proceeds go to the Josh Howard Foundation.  More info here.  [Press Release]
  • Wall was supposed to be in a charity game in Oklahoma City last night, but missed his flight.  Here's a report from that game. [SB Nation]
  • Finally, Bill Simmons got Billy Hunter on his podcast.  I haven't listened to this yet, but plan on doing so where I get a chance. Should be interesting. [Grantland]