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Trevor Booker Returns To U.S. With Injury, J.J. Hickson Replaces Him In Israel

Our favorite Grown-Ass Man has apparently suffered a setback.  Trevor Booker has returned to the United States and will likely be there for several weeks with an injury, according to the Bnei Hasharon website.  A Google translate of that page reveals that it is unclear when Booker will return.  It does not specify Booker's specific injury, but Booker had been suffering from a thigh contusion, so I'd imagine it's related to that.

It obviously must be serious, because the team has replaced Booker with Sacramento Kings forward J.J. Hickson.  With NBA lockout talks breaking down, it makes sense for Bnei Hasharon to look for another NBA player.  However, from Booker's perspective, this is bad news.  Is there even going to be a spot for Booker if he gets healthy and can return to playing?

Booker's not the first Wizards player to suffer an injury since the lockout began.  The other was Othyus Jefferswho tore his ACL in July.