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Links: NBA Lockout Update, John Wall's Reebok Unveiling And Andray Blatche Is Modeling

wall 6
wall 6

Catching up on some stuff you missed with the NBA Lockout and more.

  • The photo you see above comes from the unveiling of John Wall's new Reebok ZigEncore and J Wall apparel line, which happened in New York City on Wednesday. There are more goofy ones below the jump. Thanks to Jonathan Schecter for the photos.
  • An exclusive interview with Wall from the event, during which he says he's "hot right now," shoots 2,000 jumpers a day and wants to enter a slam dunk contest. [I Am A GM]
  • Wall also said the following: "They want us to fold. If you’re going to take 50-50, take it now. Don’t lose two games, two weeks and don’t lose no money, if you’re going to fold in a week or two." [Michael Lee]
  • Mo Evans, meanwhile, addressed the JaVale McGee comments a little more delicately than Derek Fisher. Just a little, though. [Washington Times]
  • Lots of lockout things below the jump, so let's get to it.
  • The good news from the marathon sessions with George Cohen the past couple days: the two sides are inching closer on a revenue split. [Woj]
  • The problem: the system issues are still massive. Also, Cohen was spotted with an adult beverage in the hotel bar. [Berger]
  • Pretty awful piece by Bill Simmons on the NBA lockout, which includes a line where he says the players have "limited intellectual capital." Ziller debunks the main points here.
  • Speaking of Ziller, if you're a Community fan, you'll enjoy this. [SB Nation]
  • As djnnnou noted yesterday, a bunch of city mayors, including D.C.'s Vincent Gray, signed a resolution asking the league to get it's S together. A little odd that Gray is on that list, since a lot of the funding for the Verizon Center came from private funds. [Deseret News]
  • Rashard Lewis stands to lose more money from the NBA’s cancellation of the first two weeks of the regular season than six of his teammates were supposed to receive for the entire 2011-12 season. The $1.82 million that has been sliced off Lewis’s $22.15 million salary represents more than half of the total money that Wizards players stand to lose. [Michael Lee]
  • Othyus Jeffers apparently tore his ACL in a summer workout, which explains why we haven't heard much from him. [Craig Stouffer]
  • Hamady Ndiaye said he got a bit out of shape last year and is working to ensure that doesn't happen again. [Michael Lee]
  • Andray Blatche is modeling T-shirts. [SB Nation D.C.]
  • JaVale McGee also has a new random endorsement deal. His is with some Philippine telecommunications company that also lists Kevin Durant as a client. [Philippine Star]
  • JaVale is also back in the Philippines in general. [ABS-CBS News]
  • Steve Buckhantz says he's "going out of my mind" because of the NBA lockout. [Steinberg]