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Links: Lockout All-Star Weekend Recaps And Life Overseas

The Redskins won, the Eagles and Cowboys collapsed in epic fashion, and that's all we can say for certain.  The revenue split took a back seat on Saturday to the salary-cap debate but both sides still appear committed to sustain negotations into the week.  Keep at it, guys.  Of course, if there's one quote that sums, it up, it's this one:

"We're not near anything," Stern said. "But wherever that is, we're closer than we were before."

via practically everyone, NY Times

Ken Berger's recap of yesterday's negotiations.   [CBS Sports]

Howard Beck's take.   [NY Times]

Ian Thomsen chimes in.   [Sports Illustrated]

A quick word from Ziller in the SBNation StoryStream.   [SBNation]

Alex Kennedy with a general update of life overseas for locked out NBA players.  Hint: It's not pretty.   [Hoopsworld]

Here's the details on the All-Star exhibition at FIU. Need more incentive? Eddy Curry will be there.   [Sun Sentinel]

I'm surprised the race card has taken this long to enter the conversation.   [Your Black World]

Joakim Noah's lockout plan.  Why is Deron Williams in Turkey again?  [Deadspin]