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Presenting #NBAFanVoice Day

Hi guys,

So we're all mad about this NBA lockout, and one of the great things about SB Nation as a whole is it is built on the voice of the fan.  That's powered this site throughout its history, just like it's powered all our other SB Nation sites.  Therefore, we have decided to signal out today as a special day for all of you to have your voices heard about the state of the NBA lockout. 

All throughout the day, we're asking you to share your thoughts about anything related to this lockout.  Angry at the owners?  Angry at the players?  Angry at all?  Whatever it is, we want your voices to be heard.  We'll be featuring FanPosts written on this site and on throughout the day.  You can also email me submissions at mikeprada AT sbnation DOT com.  Whatever is on your mind.  If you tweet, use the hashtag #NBAFanVoice.  If you see something else worth sharing that someone else posted, pass it on. 

We've heard a lot about this lockout from the main parties involved and the talking heads.  We haven't heard much from the fans.  Today, that will change.