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David Stern Says NBA Lockout Could Last Past Christmas If No New Deal By Tuesday

David Stern went on WFAN in New York today and issued an ultimatum of sorts on the NBA lockout, saying he doesn't see Christmas Day games happening if there's no new deal by Tuesday.  Why he felt the need to do this, I'll never know, but he did.  The full segment is hereAndrew Sharp of has a transcript.

Stern gave an extended interview to Mike Francesca on New York's WFAN radio station this afternoon, and after discussing the negotiations in depth, he was asked point blank whether the NBA would be playing basketball on Christmas Day. His answer? "It's time to make a deal. If we don't make it Tuesday, my gut ... is that we won't be playing on Christmas Day."

He also used the word "despair" at some point, according to those who listened.  I have not listened to the interview yet, and I feel like I'd get mad if I did, so I'm not sure if I ever will.  You, however, are free to listen by clicking that link.