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Links: John Wall's New Reebok Commercial And Bold Statement


A bunch of links for you to enjoy, many of which feature John Wall.

  • Here's Wall's new Reebok commercial, which features the slogan "Power Your Breakout."  Many have pointed out the irony in Wall parroting a slogan about breaking out when the NBA season doesn't exist, but truth be told, Wall's kind of broken out in summer league games anyway.  [FanShot, DC Sports Bog]
  • More significant to me: during a behind the scenes video of the Reebok shoot, Wall says that he wants to be the greatest point guard to ever play the game. He said it so nonchalantly too. [Michael Lee, with some brief thoughts of my own at SB Nation D.C.
  • Tom Haberstroh of ESPN Insider has a really good piece on why John Wall is the next Jason Kidd.  Worth checking out if you have Insider.
  • An update on what's going on with Josh Howard right now. [Michael Lee]
  • This piece by Andrew Sharp on the 100 reasons to look forward to the season that is being locked out will evoke some sort of emotion.  Highly recommend it. []
  • The Basketball Jones places odds on which NBA player is this year's Shawn Kemp (i.e. they become really overweight).  Andray Blatche makes the list, unsurprisingly. [TBJ]
  • A look at where ESPN ranks all the Wizards players and whether those rankings make sense. [Jack Kogod for the Washingtonian]
  • Charles Oakley stories are the best stories.  Also, some rhetorical questions on why Kwame Brown is still infamous in Wizards lore. [Truth About It]
  • Your typical story on how local businesses will be affected by the NBA lockout. [WUSA9]
  • Remembering Kevin Porter. [Hardwood Paroxysm]
  • Nick Young's poofy hair is poofy. [SB Nation LA]