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BREAKING: NBA Cancels First Two Weeks Of Season, David Stern Announces

It's official: regular-season games have been canceled.  After a marathon bargaining session between owners and NBA players, David Stern announced that the first two weeks of the NBA season have been canceled (via Adrian Wojnarowski).  Not postponed.  Canceled.

Worse, Stern says the two sides remain "very, very apart on all issues" and that "there will be further reductions" on the season if they can't agree.  This is bad.

More coming.

UPDATE: Here are the Wizards games already canceled.  More will probably come.

  • vs. New Jersey (11/2)
  • vs. Orlando (11/5)
  • at Miami (11/6)
  • at Orlando (11/11)
  • vs. Chicago (11/12)

UPDATE: David Stern noted all the "concessions" the owners made.  Wojnarowski brilliantly pokes a hole in that.

Classic Stern: Framing narrative about all the concessions owners gave -- rollbacks, guaranteed deals, hard cap -- were all owner proposals ... None of those "concessions" ever existed, except in owner's wild first proposal to players. But that becomes negotiating point for owners... As opposed to the actual system that's in place now.