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Links: Lockout All-Star Weekend In New York, Day One Recaps

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Would've done this earlier, but I've been slammed today, and it's only going to get worse. There's been precious little coming out of New York today once you get past the fireworks, leaving us glued to our Twitter feeds. Not much to go on, so news is a little thin:

SI's Ian Thomsen's recap of yesterday's negotiations [Ian Thomsen]

Howard Beck's summary (thanks to MeToo) [NY Times]

Lockout power rankings, because Tom Ziller is awesome. Also where Dwayne Wade puts David Stern in timeout. [Ziller]

Stars remain tight-lipped with the media, and vocal behind closed doors. The players are presenting a united front, so continued thumbs up, I guess. [NY Daily News]

In other news:

Kobe Bryant nearing signing with entire Italian league, apparently. [USA Today]

Short blurb about Caja Laboral, Kevin Seraphin's new club. [Eurobasket]

Saw the headline and I couldn't resist. Jeff Van Gundy suspects lockout could be bad for the league. [New Jersey Newsroom]

Apparently the makers of NBA 2k12 could lose up to $40 million if the lockout stretches well into the season. Ouch. [Pastapadre]

Couple of days old, but it's heartwarming to remember not everyone loses in a lockout. [Forbes]