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Washington Wizards Dismantle New Jersey Nets

For once it was nice to see the opposition roll over for us rather than the other way around. The Wizards ran their own offense while the Nets seemed to forget that they are paid to professionally play basketball. They broke plays, freelanced, and blew defensive assignments. Frankly, it was terrible basketball from an aesthetic standpoint, but wins are always more fun than losses.

Credit should go to a solid Wizards defensive effort and the fact that the team didn't completely fall asleep during the 3rd quarter. They doubled Brook Lopez early and often and shut down Devin Harris off the dribble. Special credit should go to Coach Avery Johnson who inexplicably benched both Lopez and Harris and the end of the 1st Quarter. It is one thing to be a drill sergeant, it's another to be too rigid. Johnson is tilting dangerously to the latter.

Now before anyone gets too excited - the Nets played Sasha Vujacic for almost the entire. game. Sasha Vujacic. With large helpings of Quinton Ross on the side.

Mike and I will be back later with postgame interviews and a longer recap.