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Links: Andray Blatche has a new haircut, JaVale McGee practices dunks

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Today's links:

  • The above picture is Andray Blatche's new haircut.  Maybe having a head like Anthony Mason's will convince him to actually play like Anthony Mason.  (via Truth About It, who also has a shot of Blatche and JaVale McGee hugging it out)
  • CSN Washington has video of JaVale McGee practicing some dunks for the dunk contest.  Keep in mind that the only reason they can see it is because it's after the practice actually ended (media only sees the very end of practice, if any of it), so he isn't neglecting any practice responsibilities to do this.  
  • Also, asks you to vote for your favorite JaVale dunk.
  • Kevin Broom, a guy I really respect, says now is the time to trade Andray Blatche. 
  • As it turns out, a Washington hoopster has been in the Dunk Contest before.  Thanks to some great research by Truth About It, we learn that Elvin Hayes was in the forgotten 1976/77 event.  This is one hell of a blast from the past.
  • The Wizards are unveiling a new trophy case for the 1978 title run at tomorrow's game.  Here's a picture of the new case, via SB Nation D.C. 
  • Rashard Lewis makes John Hollinger's "All Disappointment Team," for his work with Orlando.  You know who else makes it?  Evan Turner.  So glad we got Wall instead. 
  • Scott Schroeder writes that that Hamady N'Diaye is a "great fit" for the NBA Developmental League. 
  • Not really sure what this Box Seats post adds to the discussion, but hey, here it is.
  • Sekou Smith of thinks Serge Ibaka, not JaVale McGee, is the darkhorse challenger to Blake Griffin.  BOOOOO. 
  • Pretty amazing story found via this Truth About It post: Ohio State apparently forces all their players to watch tape of every single foul they commit.  Maybe our guys should do that too. 
  • Peter Vescey apparently wrote the other day that Ted Leonsis has pulled Wes Unseld's season tickets.  A ridiculous claim, of course, given Leonsis' outreach to former team greats.  Naturally, Dan Steinberg and later Leonsis himself say it's not true.  Also, Mike Wise calls Vescey names.  
  • Ken Berger argues that we need to stop the NBA's gambling subculture and includes anecdotes from the recent Grizzlies team plane spat that give me second thoughts about O.J. Mayo, a guy I've wanted to trade for recently. 
  • Speaking of the altercation, this Bourre alternatives post by the gang at CBS Sports was really entertaining.  I can't get the thought of Andray and JaVale playing Hungry Hungry Hippos out of my head.
  • Huffington Post's sports articles are truly awful. 
  • And finally, this is really random, but you know Troop 41's "Do the John Wall" song?  (If not, here's video).  It's apparently on the Billboard Hot 100 right now.
  • UPDATE: Bodog's odds for the Slam Dunk Contest: Blake Griffin (1/2), Brandon Jennings (5/2, what??), JaVale McGee (5/1), Serge Ibaka (7/1).