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Washington Wizards at Dallas Mavericks: Regular Season Game

Some links before tonight's game:

  • As we mentioned earlier, Ted Leonsis said that John Wall does have a personal chef. I wonder where he was during the filming of the Washington Post video. [Ted's Take]
  • Kyle wrote this piece for DCIst on Friday about the "old regime" of Flip Saunders and Ernie Grunfeld, which drew an angry response from Leonsis. Neither person is wrong, but why the animosity, Ted? "LOL?"
  • Mark Cuban tells 106.7 The Fan that every team is going to take a "playoff approach" when playing the Wizards at home because they don't want to be the team that gives them their first road win. [SB Nation D.C.,with audio here]
  • Nick Young talked to Flip Saunders about his comments about the team getting away from their offense. Flip said that Young should focus on the defense instead. [Wizards Insider]
  • Also, DeShawn Stevenson wants to keep the streak going. [Wizards Insider]
  • I don't have a Synergy account anymore, so these numbers are worth your time. [Truth About It]
  • The last time the Wizards won a road game, it was in the preseason against these Mavericks. [Wizards Insider]
  • Josh Howard won't play tonight, but vows that his campaign to stick it to his former team is a long-term thing. [Michael Lee]
  • Part II of NBC's look at Nick Young's routine, including a moment where Young lobbies to be JaVale McGee's passer at the Slam Dunk Contest. [NBC Washington]
  • What's up with Brendan Haywood this season? Is he turning it around? Why is he playing so bad? My answer, from what I've seen of Dallas: Tyson Chandler is better and Haywood looks worse by association. [Mavs Moneyball]
  • Pretty hilarious Gilbert Arenas-related typo. [Mister Irrelevant]