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Open Thread: One solution to fixing the road woes

I'm traveling back from New York today and have only gotten through one half of the Memphis game, so apologies if this is brief.  However, in light of the 0-23 road record, I figure I'd throw this one out for discussion as we try to digest what exactly is wrong with this team.

Here's the question:

If you could remove one element from the equation that would significantly improve our team's chances of winning a road game, what would it be?

It could be a specific player.  It could be an offensive scheme or a defensive alignment.  It could be someone in the front office.  It could be cutting down the minutes of a specific player to give a different player more time.  It could be something about playing better at a certain period of the game or against a certain kind of team.  It could be any of those things, and more. 

But all I ask is that you pick one that is most important.  I'll think about my answer while on the bus.