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Wizards fall to 0-21 on the road, lose to Knicks

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Five things:

  1. Stay civil: We're all frustrated, but name-calling of any kind in this thread will not be tolerated.  Name-calling towards players is not okay, and name-calling towards posters is especially not okay.  Violators will get one warning and then will receive a 24-hour ban.  Criticize players, but criticize them civilly and criticize their performance.  Don't make the jump to say something about them as a person.  If you disagree with someone, respond to their points respectfully.  I cannot stress this enough.  
  2. How you start is how you finish: Once again, this proved that the first six minutes of a game are the most important minutes.  You can't win a game, but you can lose it, and tonight, the Wizards lost it.  They were sloppy, unprepared and not willing to run their half-court offense.  They got a nice spark from a wacky bench unit, but down the stretch, the habits you establish early always reappear.  They reappeared tonight.
  3. Andray Blatche was horrendous tonight: You saw it, I saw it, so I won't go into any more detail.  But it's games like these where Flip just has to bite the bullet and sit him when it matters.  This kind of effort just can't be tolerated.  I'm not saying trade him or not start him going forward, but you can't be afraid to go with what works in a game.  Blatche has to earn his status during games, just as anyone not named Wall does too.  
  4. Speaking of that "wacky" lineup: The Wizards got back into the game with a lineup of Mustafa Shakur, Al Thornton, Rashard Lewis, Trevor Booker and JaVale McGee.  That lineup never saw the floor in the second half.  In fact, if memory serves me, Booker and McGee never shared the court either.  
  5. John Wall needs to be more vocal: I know it's hard, kid, but when Blatche is trying to score on his own on every key possession, you have to do something about it.  
On a positive note, Shakur looked great, and I think (hope) Booker earned Yi's minutes already.