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Links: What was John Wall flashing to the crowd?

Today's hot reads:

  • REMINDER: We'd love for you all to join us at Madhatter on February 1 for our Wizards/Caps watch party. Click here to RSVP and be eligible for all the drink specials. 
  • Was John Wall flashing a gang sign to the crowd after banking in that three?  Better yet, was he flashing a Finga Gunz sign?  Not that it really matters, but check out the picture at the bottom here and judge for yourself. [Truth About It]
  • Good stuff from David Aldridge on Rashard Lewis (scroll down past the first section). On the other hand, I'm not thrilled that the Wizards "would like to" re-sign Josh Howard after the season. []
  • More on the "Rashard Lewis as a leader" meme. [Wizards Insider]
  • And more on the "Wizards are 0-20 on the road, LOL" meme [Steve AschburnerJoseph White]
  • The Wizards have a pretty difficult two-week stretch coming up. [Gene Wang, Post]
  • Ernie Grunfeld was on "The Mike Wise Show" on 106.7 The Fan earlier today. Here's the audio. [106.7 The Fan]
  • Yay for beating Boston, but don't forget about getting clobbered by the Suns. [Samuel Chamberlain, TBD]
  • Frank Hanrahan gives both Ernie Grunfeld and Flip Saunders Cs for their performance thus far, which only makes me wonder about the accuracy of grading management based on a short-term stretch. [CSN]
  • John Wall, Nick Young and Andray Blatche can learn a lot from Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. [Brian Jackson, CSN]
  • unleashes JaVale McGee's top 10 dunks, in preparation for the dunk contest. []
  • Nick Young is asked whether he would rather win the Most Improved Player award or be in the dunk contest. He gives the right answer. [Truth About It]
  • An essay on John Wall's rookie season and his injuries. [Hardwood Paroxysm]
  • Finally, this is not Wizards-related, but it's an example of how to use advanced statistics correctly. Great interview of Erik Spoelstra. [John Schuhmann,]