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Links: Your Newest Wizard, Mustafa Shakur

Interesting resume:

  • Prospect profile running up to the 2007 draft.  []
  • Touching on Shakur's time in the NCAA, Orlando's 2007 pre-draft camp, and this season's Summer League.  [Draft Express]
  • Failed to catch on in NBA, signed to the Euroleague.  []
  • Postseason experience in the Euroleague, championship with Prokom Trefl Sopot.  []
  • Hornet's Training Camp profile 2010.  []
  • Apparently, we've had our eye on him.  Shakur made second team at the D-League showcase.  [Wizard's Insider]
  • Video of his time with Prokom Trefl Sopot, doesn't start until about a minute in.  [YouTube]