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John Wall asks to be fined if he sulks

We've been accused of not mentioning John Wall enough, so to satisfy you, here's your requisite John Wall gushing.

For all the concern we raise about Wall's play, the bottom line is I think most of us know he's going to be great.  We're committed to fair and balanced coverage here, which is why you may see some stuff that may appear to be us nitpicking, We're just trying to show that he's a rookie experiencing rookie growing pains like almost every other rookie ever.  No rookies, especially point guards, are perfect right off the bat, and Wall is no exception.  

But just as I start to get worried about him, I'm reminded about why I know he's going to be great.  The latest reminder?  This story from Michael Lee that shows just how coachable Wall really is.

Wall had urged Saunders to be harder on him two weeks ago, asking him to keep pushing him to get better, because, "I want to be a great point guard." He even asked to receive fines whenever he starts to pout, sulk or show frustration during games.

"It ain't too much," Wall said of the fines, "but it's enough to keep my pockets empty. I don't want to lose that money."

I've never heard a player asked to be fined as a means to get better.  Wow.  Bravo, John.  Keep setting an incredible example for your teammates.