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Utah Jazz At Washington Wizards: Regular Season Game 39 Open Thread

Welcome to the 1st Annual Al Jefferson Big Man Camp. Today Al is going to teach you all about low post moves, escaping a bad situation, and working under a high stress head coach. Remember that defense is optional today, so bring your scorer's shoes.

Please note: For those of you who attended the Kevin Love Rebounding Clinic last week, admission to the Al Jefferson Big Man Camp is 50% off today.

SPECIAL REMEDIAL COURSE: Deron Williams will be holding a "PG for Dummies" class today on the practice court. Williams will be teaching the fundamentals of the pick and roll, picking your spots when shooting from three, and how to find a good cup of coffee in Salt Lake City.



No Josh Howard for the Wizards, No Gordon Hayward for the Jazz


Flip said that the number one lesson today was to watch out for Utah's physicality. I spoke with Cartier Martin, who stressed the need to crash the boards today and commit to defense.