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Wizards fall to 0-19 on the road, lose to Timberwolves

This is why every possession counts when you play a road game in this league.  It's tempting to say the Wizards lost this game at the end, but that's only half true.  The truth is that momentum, not anything horrible the Wizards did, carried Minnesota down the stretch.  A couple bad possessions, one turnover, and suddenly Kevin Love couldn't miss.  There are two teams playing the game, and one just took it from the other down the stretch.  If the Wizards think only about the last five minutes, they are making a huge mistake.

It's what happened earlier in the game, especially the first half.  The way the Wizards started this game was just unacceptable, considering the opportunity that was there.  They looked unfocused and undisciplined, especially on the interior.  JaVale McGee's early foul trouble killed them, and he has nobody to blame but himself.  After that, it was a layup line as the pick and roll defense broke down.  You set the tone in the beginning of the game, and the Wizards set a tone that things were going to be easy for Minnesota.  Sure, they rallied and picked it up, but don't think that stretch early on where Minnesota kept hitting shots had no effect on the rhythm they had down the stretch.

Every possession.  Every minute.  That's what it takes to win on the road, and that's what the Wizards are incapable of doing right now.