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Washington Wizards at Minnesota Timberwolves: Regular Season Game 37 Open Thread

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(In case it wasn't clear, I'm doing that until the Wizards actually win on the road).

Andray Blatche has apparently improved enough to be dubbed "questionable," by Flip Saunders, so there's a chance he might actually play. Even if he does, it sounds like Trevor Booker will get more minutes. Personally, if Blatche doesn't play, I'd give Booker most of the minutes, but I'm just a random dude that doesn't get why Booker has been buried recently.

Also, Michael Beasley probably won't play after hurting his ankle in the Timberwolves' previous game against the Spurs. That should help, because Beasley is scoring the ball really well this season. On the bright side, at least the Timberwolves have Darko.

Game time is at 8, and we're running up against the TNT games, so expect lots of crap-talking by the TNT gang if you tune in over there.


UPDATE: Blatche is dressed, but unlikely to play.