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Sacramento Kings At Washington Wizards: Game 36 Open Thread

UPDATE: Tyreke Evans is NOT playing tonight. Boo.

Here we stand on the eve of an epic rematch between two struggling basketball teams. The Wizards come into tonight hoping to avenge the pounding they took at the hands of the Kings last month, which also saw enough gaffes from the players to stock my nightmares for the rest of the year. As you recall, I asked everyone whether the Sacramento game was a "must win" for the Wizards at that time. The overwhelming answer was yes the game was a must win for the organization. Over a month later, the Wizards still don't have a road win and Gilbert Arenas has packed his bags for Orlando.

The bad new for the Wizards is that of all the "bad" teams in the NBA, the Sacramento Kings are probably the one the Wizards match up with the worst. The Kings can't do a lot of things right this season, but they can rebound the ball and have a bevy of forwards capable of shredding our paper thin frontline. The key for the Wizards bigs tonight will be to stay out of foul trouble and limit second chance points in the paint. Of course, I have said this several time this season with mixed results

Don't believe me? Let's take a look at noted Sactown Royalty and SBNation scribe Tom Ziller's preview:


Thompson feasted on the 'Zards last time around, and the Kings are a real different team when J.T. plays like a beast. A lot of that depends on whether his shots are falling, but Washington doesn't have much resistence up front.

The other bad news for the Wizards is that Tyreke Evans may not play tonight or at least be extremely limited. Now Evans is a very special player, but one who has show an alarming propensity to go one on five this season. With Evans out, the Kings are going to be forced to play team ball, which works to their benefit.

One thing I want you all to do tonight is take a look at the Kings roster and determine how much farther they are along in the rebuilding process. Arguably, the Kings are in Year 2 of the rebuild and now have their 1B player in Cousins to play next to their 1A. But what about the other parts? Do Casspi, Landry, Garcia and Garcia represent a decent bench to build upon? Or should the Kings forsake all parts besides Cousins and Evans?

I may have a bad feeling about this game, but I rely on y'all to prove me wrong in the comments.


Programming note: Sactown Royalty posters travel well and they will be in thread tonight. (Hi guys!) Treat them the way you would treat your beloved editors. Barring that, treat them like you would your down at the heels kid brother. They are almost as fun as you guys.


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