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Washington Wizards links: September 8, 2010

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Some stuff to chew on at lunchtime:

  • A long review of Yi Jianlian's FIBA World Championships performance that concludes the Wizards "shouldn't have any regrets" about basically getting him for free for one year. [Michael Lee]
  • A long review of Yi's final World Championships game. [John Townsend, Truth About It]
  • China's coach says that Yi was the best player in the tournament. [Chris Sheridan, ESPN]
  • A video interview of Yi following yesterday's loss. [FIBA]
  • Damn, the Chinese press is tough on their team. Did they really expect that roster to do better than they did? (Also, there's a funny line about "Wizards bloggers"). [Shanghalist]
  • This is a couple days old, but here's a nice, long feature article on just how much is expected of Yi on a day-to-day basis.  Gotta work on that headline pun, though. [SLAM]
  • So yeah, that Gilbert Arenas guy. He's pretty good, and much more understanding of the big picture than you think. Don't count him out. [Hoopsworld]
  • A quick look at what it will take for the Wizards to become a championship team. Personally, this is my least favorite topic ever (the way to do it is to be as good a team as possible and then make up the rules later, not to follow some mythical "model" step-by-step), but check it out anyway. [CSN Washington]
  • More schedule breakdown-ing from Michael Lee [FebruaryMarch]
  • The rosters for the new version of NBA Jam were released yesterday. The Wizards will have John Wall, Gilbert Arenas, Andray Blatche and Yi Jianlian, with Manute Bol (of all people) as a legend and G-Wiz as a mascot. No JaVale? [Marc Stein]
  • One person thinks the Wizards will be one of the best of the NBA Jam teams [Eric Freeman, Early Termination Option]
  • Finally, Antawn Jamison says that the chemistry was off with the Cavaliers last year.  [Hoops Notes