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Happy Birthday John Wall!

For most people, Labor Day is a special day because it's a day off work and a chance to barbeque, watch football and generally relax.  But for some people, Labor Day is more than that.  Some people actually celebrate special occasions on Labor Day.

This year, one such person is John Wall.  Today is Wall's 20th birthday, and as Wizards fans, I think we have a duty to give him a present of sorts.  Unfortunately, I don't have an actual physical present I can present to Wall, but there is one way I think we should commemorate his birthday.  

That way?  Something involving the John Wall Dance, of course.  Below the jump, a number of videos I've found of people showing off their John Wall dance moves.  Here's hoping Wall enjoys these.

Taking the shirts off ... that's a nice touch.

I can't really see this one clearly, but you have to give the guy some props for doing the dance in an actual John Wall Wizards jersey.

We'll excuse you guys for giving up on the dance and doing something different ... I guess.

Oh man, you know John will appreciate a little kid showing off his dance moves, right?

Go on a road trip, commemorate every stop by doing the John Wall Dance.  So brilliant.  Can't believe I never thought of that.

Anytime your moves can further the theory that white people can't dance, you have to be proud.

Doing the John Wall Dance all over D.C. 

And of course, no John Wall tribute is complete without this video.  Happy birthday, John!