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JaVale McGee Rating Has Been Adjusted Accordingly

I know we have more important things to discuss with training camp having begun in earnest, but the outrage of a community and one player has forced a wrong to be righted. JaVale McGee's NBA 2K11 rating, which you remember was ranked as a humble 59 has been adjusted north to a whopping 64. 

You read that right...64. McGee is now only two points less than the devastating Spencer Hawes!  Only six points less then the rarefied air that Samuel Dalembert occupies! Truly, McGee is now a video game legend.

Not only that, but McGee's blow for videogame equality has forced 2K Sports to answer the complaints of all slighted players:


@bigdaddywookie Alright we are going to give you a rating at least 64. Tell the other guys if they have an issue to hit up @2KSports.less than a minute ago via web


Now that the floodgates have been opened, it is only a matter of time before Anthony Morrow and Amir Johnson take up the banner proudly carried by McGee and have their own ratings raised. But at what price comes justice? If I purchase my copy of the game and find that Sebastian Telfair is ranked a 73, then we will all regret raising this issue in the first place.