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JaVale McGee Is Not Pleased With His NBA 2K11 Rating

The ratings for NBA2K11 have been released, and many of the rankings have left both fans and players confused. Probably the most egregious sin in the eyes of Wizards fans is that JaVale McGee has received a overall 59 rating, which makes him the third worst center in the league, behind only Darko Milicic and Joel Anthony. In fact, McGee is easily one of the worst starters in the game, joining such luminaries as Josh McRoberts and Linas Kleiza.

JaVale is suffice to say, displeased:

how am i a 59 n 2k11 and how is twan a 71 he should atleast b 80... 20 n ten anydayless than a minute ago via web


When creating the rankings, it is unclear whether the designers used alley-oops as part of their decision making process. Or perhaps they are just really big fans of boxing out, and punish accordingly. Be sure to insert Kevin Seraphin immediately into your starting lineups. Or in a pinch, Hilton Armstrong.

The good news is that the other Wizards may have been bumped up a bit, perhaps in part due to McGee's perceived ineptitude. John Wall receives and overall rating of 81, which puts him only four points back of Derrick Rose. Gilbert also still receives respect from the game, garnering and ranking of 83, which is respectable considering he hasn't worked full time in three years.