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Washington Wizards links for September 22: Will Gilbert Arenas dominate the headlines?

Today's links (and there are a lot of them):

  • For all this buzz about John Wall, we forget that Gilbert Arenas really hasn't said much since GunGate. Therefore, it's only a matter of time until all the Arenas stuff takes the media attention away from John Wall. Interesting. [Craig Stouffer]
  • Ted Leonsis disagrees with Stouffer's piece, saying that it's essential for the organization to move forward. [Ted's Take]
  • Player previews for Nick YoungKirk Hinrich and Josh Howard. All really good. [Truth About It]
  • Kevin Broom's first article for Box Seats, the new Washington Post fan blog, discusses JaVale McGee. Statistically, his profile matches up with Tree Rollins. [Box Seats]
  • Michael Lee's latest training camp concern piece? "Will the Wizards be any good?" Silly-ish question aside, an interesting read on the team's expectations. [Wizards Insider]
  • Previewing the young, inexperienced Wizards frontcourt. [Frank Hanrahan, CSN Washington]
  • Rashad Mobley compares Adam Morrison to Shaun Livingston, in that both were high draft picks that had injuries and are now looking to bounce back with the Wizards. [Truth About It]
  • Trey Kerby calls the Morrison addition "totally absurd," in a way. Sort of. If that sounds confusing, just read. [Ball Don't Lie]
  • Video of some of the pickup games that have been going on at the Verizon Center. Cool stuff. []
  • Nick Young says he spent the entire summer "getting buff." Also, some thoughts on his haircut. []
  • A clarification: the Wizards do not have Bird Rights on Fabricio Oberto because he was only here for a year, which means he's probably not coming back. Also, Andray Blatche isn't quite ready to return from his foot injury, but should be ready by the end of preseason. [Stouffer]
  • Javaris Crittenton will indeed be with the Bobcats during training camp, according to his agent. [Michael Lee]
  • More on Crittenton going to camp with the Bobcats. [Pro Basketball Talk]
  • Inviting Crittenton to camp is the latest example of Larry Brown giving players second chances. [Rick Bonnell, Charlotte Observer]
  • Leonsis says Josh Howard looks good and says Kevin Seraphin is "a big body built to bang under the boards." [Ted's Take]
  • A guide to training camp. [Wizards Extreme]
  • Kevin Seraphin goes to Best Buy to buy a TV for his new place. Pretty funny how everyone's telling him how it all works. []