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Washington Wizards links, September 12: LeBron James at the Redskins game

With the Redskins dominating all the headlines, there's not much out there about the Wizards.  Here's what there is.

  • LeBron James was at the Redskins-Cowboys game, and typically, he's a Cowboys fan. He also wears sunglasses at 8 p.m., as shown by that picture. [SB Nation D.C.]
  • Speaking of LeBron, nice to see D.C. native Kevin Durant get in a little bit of trash talking. [@KDThunderup]
  • Of course, Trevor Booker is also a Cowboys fan (as is John Wall). I think we can forgive them. [@Trevor_Booker]
  • One blogger who subscribes to David Berri's Wages of Wins formula thinks the Wizards could be one of the worst teams of all time next year.  No, not one of the worst teams of the year, but one of the worst teams of all time.  In a related story, I hate Wages of Wins and its disciples' inability to grasp context. [Arturo's Silly Little Stats]
  • Ted Leonsis responds to said blog post. [Ted's Take]
  • TV analyst Clark Kellogg talks about John Wall. [Truth About It]
  • The NBA Blog Previews series has begun. We're up on the 15th of October. [Celtics Blog]
  • Finally, tonight is when the Wizards will pick their new PA announcer from a pool of 50 finalists.  I'll be there covering the proceedings for SB Nation D.C.  If you are one of the 50 finalists, drop me an e-mail at mikeprada AT sbnation DOT com so we can catch up and meet in person.