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Love Him Or Hate Him, Gilbert Arenas Is Washington D.C.

Over at SB Nation DC, I wrote a piece on which Washington athlete best embodies the spirit of the city. I wavered between several choices but ultimately decided the person who best fit the billing was The Black President.

Obviously, at this point in time, Arenas isn't the first player that everyone in D.C. would choose to represent them. Alex Ovechkin, Donovan McNabb, Stephen Strasburg, Ryan Zimmerman and John Wall would all be preferred choices, even if you ignored the gun stuff. But Arenas is the best reflection of the city as a whole, both good and bad:

For better or worse, Gilbert Arenas is D.C.'s spirit child. When he succeeds, we take the utmost pride in his accomplishments. When he fails, we feel the pain like a disappointed parent. Whether he's dropping daggers or other, less-welcome gifts, Arenas tugs at D.C.'s heartstrings better than anyone else.

Gilbert Arenas wouldn't win a popular election to be the athlete that best represents the spirit of Washington D.C., but he is the most accurate representation of everything that makes the city what it is. His strengths and weaknesses mirror the strengths and weaknesses of the town. As much as we might want to get rid of him from time to time, we can't ignore the unique bond he's formed with the city.

You can read the whole thing for yourself here. I know not everyone will agree with my conclusion, or the reasoning behind it, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts.