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The Mystics are the No. 1 seed in the WNBA Playoffs

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We haven't traditionally covered the Mystics here on Bullets Forever, mostly because I didn't think the two teams' fanbases overlapped much. I honestly didn't think there was enough interest from you guys to push forward with much coverage, and indeed, I haven't had one person ask me or any other site editor why we have ignored them.

But as anyone who knows even a little bit about the team knows, this year has been very different than most for the Mystics. Despite playing the entire season without Alana Beard, their best player, the club set a franchise record for wins and enters the WNBA Playoffs as the East's number one seed. They've been one of the biggest stories of the WNBA this year, and in the process, they've seemed to move away from so many of their past failures.

Because of all of that, interest seems to naturally be picking up. The team's first playoff game is tonight against the Atlanta Dream, and Sean and I have credentials to cover it and every other home playoff game for SB Nation D.C. However, Bullets Forever is also part of SB Nation, so we could definitely put some of our content over here if you all want to see it.

My question is - would you want to read about the Mystics here? Or would you rather we kept things to Wizards only and instead directed you exclusively to SB Nation D.C. for Mystics stuff?

As a follow-up (or, more accurately, a prerequisite of sorts), I'm curious how many of you are into the Mystics and WNBA as a whole. Have you started to get into it more this year? Have you always been into it? Or is it just not for you? Let's try to keep derisive Bill Simmons-style jokes about women's basketball out of the discussion as much as possible.