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A Summary of Kevin Seraphin's Interview with French Publication USA Basketball

Earlier today, Jerome Knoepffler published an interview with Kevin Seraphin for the French-language basketball site, USA Basketball Basket USA. With the help of machine translation, I am bringing you the key pieces of his interview. Feel free to translate and read the full Knoepffler interview of Seraphin for yourself. (Note: I am staying away from direct quotes based on the imperfect nature of machine translation.)

  • Knoepffler asked if Seraphin if he was happy with the Cholet season and Kevin said that he was partially satisfied. He was happy with the team's success - champions of France. However, he felt that he could have played better.
  • Knoepffler asked Kevin Seraphin about his time working with Jim Bilba, a French basketball legend. Seraphin responded that he worked really well with Jim and that he gave him a lot of advice particularly on defense. Kevin also credited Jean-Francois Martin, who he worked with at the Cholet Basket Training center and Erman Kunter.
  • Seraphin made the decision to enter the NBA draft following his performance at the Nike Hoop Summit in 2009.
  • Knoepffler asked about his excitement during the NBA draft and with being on the stage with David Stern. Seraphin responded that the handshake with David Stern was huge! And that he even hugged him.
  • Knoepffler asked if Seraphin was tempted to stay in Europe for another season or two before entering the NBA. Seraphin thought about staying in Europe for one more season. He was particularly tempted since his team would make the Euroleague. But he was presented with an opportunity to play in the NBA and with a team that is rebuilding which should provide the younger players an opportunity to play.
  • A Cholet teammate, Mickael Gelabale, advised Seraphin on his decision to go to the NBA. Part of Gelabale's recommendation to go to the NBA was based in part on his belief that Seraphin would develop more quickly in the NBA.
  • Knoepffler asked him about Wizard's drama the last season and Seraphin believes that this season would be calmer.
  • Knoepffler asked Seraphin if the Wizards discussed the possibility of playing in the D-League. Seraphin's response, according to the translation, was "Absolutely not!" It appears that the Wizards were one of a few teams he met with pre-draft, which did not discuss with him the possibility of assigning him to the D-League. The goal appears to be for him to develop with the big team.