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JaVale McGee vents about reporters

Evidently, JaVale McGee read some articles he didn't like after being cut from Team USA yesterday.  I know this because he said so in a series of Tweets yesterday.

Reporters who never played the game of basketball or never succeeded in it... Shouldn't b able to report on it #FACTless than a minute ago via Twitterrific

im coming from a point of view of most reporters seriously feel as if there opinion counts on wat someone that doesnt fit into a certain....less than a minute ago via web

catagory of wat is the norm counts... learn about evolution... going from radios to tvs monkeys to humans... and this isnt coming at anyoneless than a minute ago via web

its my opinion and just like the reporters i have a right to express itless than a minute ago via web

and let me change it to i feel u need to have the credentials and the resume to b a sports writer.... as coached in college, or even playedless than a minute ago via web

appreciate all the comments... mad i gotta stir up sh** to get replies but hey confrontation sells... how u think bad girls club is still onless than a minute ago via web


(On a somewhat unrelated note, JaVale also tweeted this last night).

Who knows exactly which articles made him upset, but I actually don't think JaVale's opinion is a particularly unique one among NBA athletes.  Hell, I'm sure you'd be frustrated if someone who never performed your job was questioning your ability to do so.  That said, this is sports, and sports is different.  Criticism happens, and you kind of just need to have a thick skin in this business.