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John Wall Fever Spreads to the Redskins

I am surprised no one mentioned this yet, but the Redskins preseason shellacking of the pathetic Buffalo Bills on Friday night featured the highlight of my weekend (it was a slow weekend...). DC Sports Bog beat me to the punch, and I posted something similar on DC Landing Strip, but as you may have heard, John Wall was in the building, and not just because he likes preseason football, but he is apparently longtime friends with Redskins rookie WR Brandon Banks. Banks came into the game as a longshot to make the roster, but was electrifying (aka John Wall-esque) on punt returns, and immediately became almost my favorite Redskin with this play and endzone celebration:

There are all kinds of good things happening here. Banks clearly needs a nickname and to the keep the touchdowns and John Wall dances coming. I know the Skins are turning things around, but I never thought an NFL exhibition game would get me excited for the Wizards season.......